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5 Galactic Federation Events Bundled! Enjoy five months worth of downloads and information about ascension and awakening directly from the Galactic Federation! Read below for more details! 
  • Elizabeth April
  • Level: Starseed
  • Video Time: 4.5 Hours
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Each Message is an Activation

Each member of the Galactic federation has a different mission and story to tell. 
Walk along this journey and awaken to the possibilities as you do. 
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Unlock Your DNA

The Galactic Federation embeds codes into their messages. Each species interviewed holds a different fractal of your being.  Either way, each video will activate multiple aspects of your DNA.

Questions Answered by the GFL:

August GFL Questions:

Understanding the systems of the reptilians 
World War Three & Spiritual Evolution
The Ultimate Demise in 2021
How external environments affect DNA activations
What does our evolutionary future look like?
Having control over your Akashic Records 
Having control over time
Expanding on split realities
What happens in our bodies during an upgrade?

September GFL Questions:

Understanding the timeline around planet Earth
GFL & the elites playing a game
Evolution from 3D - 4D - 5D
Acclimating to Activations and Downloads
Where are the Humans going wrong right now?
Deep dive into the Galactic Peace Treaty 
Whats going on with Mother Gaia right now?
How can we as humans help Gaia?

October GFL Questions: 

How can we connect telepathically with the GFL?
Where did we go wrong as Humans?
What do we need to know about the Solar flash? 
What’s going on with the New World Order & Reptilian Takeover?
How do we tap into our creative side? 
How are the higher vibrational frequencies affecting Humans?
How do we clear and activate our Throat Chakra?
Deep dive into manifestation

November GFL Questions:

What's going on with our timeline?
Are the Elites intentionally shifting the timeline to throw off the GFL?
A Message to Spiritual Teachers
What’s going on with cosmic disclosure? 
What is the Elites agenda?
What do they want to push?
What does the future timelines look like?
What’s going to happen?
What's happening with the Reptilian Rebellion?
What's happening with the children?
Are there shapeshifters on the good side as well?!

December GFL Questions:

Whats going on with the progression of the planet?
What do we need to know about 2021?
What do we need to know regarding Solar Flares?
What do we need to know regarding COVID?
What do we need to know about the vaccine?
What is the best thing we can all do at this time?
What do you think about the man in Israel and his release about the Galactic Federation?
Final message for humanity for 2020